Bitcoin cryptocurrency and other cryptocurrencies have experienced immense growth, as demonstrated by the skyrocketing values and development of technical solutions involving blockchain technologies.
To be entitled to protection under the Defend Trade Secrets Act and analogous state laws, information must be “secret.” 
We are very pleased to announce that our Health Care attorneys will be hosting two Medical Staff Leaders and the Law Conferences in 2019.
In a steady drumbeat of US sanctions targeting Iran during the month of November 2018, the Office of Foreign Assets Control has designated Iran-based financial facilitators of malicious cyber activity and, for the first time, associated digital currency addresses.
Last week, the United States District Court for the District of Delaware (the “Court”) reversed a 2015 decision by the Delaware Bankruptcy Court (the “Bankruptcy Court”) disallowing the portion of an unsecured claim filed by appellant Wilmington Trust Company (“WTC”) for postpetition attorneys’ fees
We are pleased to announce that three Arent Fox professionals will be presenting during the 2019 Chief of Staff Boot Camp hosted by The Institute for Medical Leadership.
The Office of Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services recently published its Semiannual Report to Congress, for the period April 1 to September 30, 2018.
On December 4, Volkswagen said that it will no longer produce gas-powered cars after 2026.
On November 30, HRSA announced that it is “notifying all stakeholders that the secure pricing component of the 340B Office of Pharmacy Affairs Information System (340B OPAIS) will be open for the submission of manufacturer pricing data in the first quarter of 2019.”
At an FCPA conference on November 29, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced revisions to DOJ’s policy regarding pursuit of individuals involved in corporate wrongdoing. The current policy, memorialized in the 2015 “Yates Memo,” instructed that, “[t]o be eligible for any cooperation credit
Automotive practice group leader Aaron Jacoby spoke with Law 360 about how Nissan Motor Co. and Mitsubishi Motors Corp.’s abrupt dismissal of Chairman Carlos Ghosn over alleged financial misdeeds has sparked a host of questions about the downfall of a prominent automotive industry leader and what’s
Aerial view of water and dock covered in shipping containers
For more than two decades, a broad range of cross-border financial transactions between the United States, Canada, and Mexico were ruled by the 1994 NAFTA.
Titles can be hard to come by.
The jurisdictional skirmish over the regulation of cell-cultured meat products appears to have been resolved with the recent announcement by the FDA and the US Department of Agriculture of a joint regulatory framework in which the two agencies would share jurisdictional responsibilities.
It’s going to take more than a fancy title to sell these babies.
Action Alert: BIS Publishes List of Emerging Technologies That It Is Considering Subjecting to Unilateral US Export Controls. Your Company May Need to File Comments by December 19, 2018!
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released an advance notice of proposed rulemaking (the ANPR) seeking comments on its proposal to dramatically change the way the agency pays for separately payable Part B drugs and biologicals.
Indenture trustees and agents participate in the administration of chapter 11 cases in a number of ways, including by protecting holders’ rights, ensuring compliance with the applicable indenture and other agreements, and fulfilling their duties and responsibilities under applicable law.
A federal district court in the Southern District of New York dismissed claims filed against a CEO in his individual capacity under the False Claims Act’s anti-retaliation provision, and also rejected an alter-ego theory of liability.
California is burning as three major wildfires rage across both Northern and Southern California. The Woolsey and Hill Fires are devastating parts of Ventura and Los Angeles Counties, covering more than 138,000 acres and threatening more than 57,000 structures.